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Rhinoplasty and Beauty Standards

The body positive movement is about helping people to appreciate what makes them unique and to be accepting of the things they cannot change. Some would say that plastic surgery falls outside of the body positivity movement, as it seeks to cosmetically enhance our bodies. However, there are many ways that rhinoplasty, and "inclusive beauty [...]

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Is Rhinoplasty Right For You?

There are several reasons that people choose to get rhinoplasty, which is also known as a nose job. Many people want to improve their looks and self-confidence, which can also improve one's quality of life. While rhinoplasty has many benefits, it is not for everyone. You and your plastic surgeon will have to decide whether [...]

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The Healing Process after Rhinoplasty

The overwhelming majority of people who have rhinoplasty are very happy with the results. Still, there are a few steps to go through before they realize their perfect nose and the beautiful profile that goes with it. Here are some tips on how to get through the rhinoplasty healing process: Right After Surgery A person [...]

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Ideal Beauty Standards and the Male Nose

Much has been written about female beauty ideals. That doesn't mean that men aren't under scrutiny as well. Most men considering rhinoplasty want to retain a masculine nose while fixing any perceived flaws. Here's a quick guide to what constitutes the ideal male nose. Traits of the Male Nose While the preferred female nose is [...]

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