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Cosmetic Re-shaping

Rhinoplasty or nose-job is an operation to alter the shape of the nose.  The exact nature of the surgery will be determined by a number of factors which include the current anatomy of the nose and indeed the patient’s desires.  Careful analysis is therefore required by an experienced surgeon.

nose-correction (1)

Examination of the nose perhaps with endoscopy to look inside the nose is mandatory.  Occasionally, patients have associated medical problems such as sinusitis and allergies, and imaging studies with CT scanning and/or blood tests may be needed.  Photography is important to document the anatomy and also to allow use of morphing software in order to demonstrate the possible outcomes.

Use of morphing software is a great platform for discussion as to the patient’s desires and realistic expectations can be reinforced by the treating physician.  Such images are not a guarantee of the outcome but a great way of ensuring that the patient and surgeon are on the same wavelength.