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What is an Upturned Nose?

Over-resection of the nasal dorsum and lower lateral cartilages can result in an over-rotated or upturned nose.  The resulting piggy-look is quite unsightly.  In these patients, the nasolabial angle is too obtuse and requires downward rotation to give a more natural look.

The techniques used to down rotate the nasal tip includes use of the extended spreader grafts or a septal extension graft onto which the lower lateral cartilages can be sutured onto in their new position.  One limiting factor is the amount of skin laxity which will allow the additional length of the nose to be created without placing any undue tension in the skin.  In the male patient the angle made by the nose against the upper lip (nasolabial angle) should be around 90 degrees whereas in a female this can be 95 – 105 degrees.