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Welcome to London Rhinoplasty – the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic based in Harley Street, London.

About London Rhinoplasty

London Rhinoplasty is a central London clinic based at 51 Harley Street in London.

We specialise in rhinoplasty surgery for functional and aesthetic reasons.

Our senior surgeon, Mr Kalpesh Patel, is an established Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon based at The Imperial College Hospitals (St Mary’s campus), one of England’s leading medical institutions and the first academic health centre in the United Kingdom.



Rhinoplasty or nose-job is an operation


A Septoplasty is usually needed

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision surgery can be a very difficult

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Is Rhinoplasty the right choice for you?

Rhinoplasty (or nose job) can be a very complex surgery to have. The shape of the nose is defined by the bone, muscle and cartilage. The skin also affects the size and shape of your nose and the thickness differs from person to person. There are huge positive points...

New Year, New You: Reasons to Undergo a Rhinoplasty

The new year always inspires people towards change. This year, consider treating yourself to the rhinoplasty you’ve always thought about undergoing but have never made steps toward. Here are a few reasons to convince you: It is medically beneficial. For those who have...

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London Rhinoplasty
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Sima GanatraSima Ganatra
16:37 11 May 23
Mr Kalpesh Patel was on first approach and remained throughout, calm confident and professional. He is formidable in what he does. He is approachable and made the whole experience feel safe and in experienced hands and I am grateful for a good outcome. I can breathe well! I expect a full nice recovery in the months to come. I also found Christine and the team v helpful.
Noel OganyanNoel Oganyan
14:10 28 Apr 23
I underwent a rhinoplasty procedure with Mr Patel and couldn’t recommend his services enough! He was very clear when communicating about the procedure and guided me through the process in a way that gave me lots of confidence. His process of morphing photos of my profile prior to the surgery gave me a good idea of what could be possible. The surgery went very smoothly and recovery was as expected, I didn’t have any issues throughout the process. I’m particularly impressed with how Mr Patel managed to make my nose look incredibly natural and fitting to my face. He’s done an excellent job at creating a shape that still looks very appropriate on my face which is what I’m most happy about. Overall, I’m very happy with my decision to go through with rhinoplasty under Mr Patel’s care!
Christina TheofanousChristina Theofanous
13:32 24 Mar 23
Highly recommend Dr Patel if you are considering rhinoplasty. I had been to see many surgeons over the years to straighten my nose and no one has made me feel more at ease, comfortable and confident than Dr Patel. The process from start to finish was smooth, easy and quick. He made me aware of everything in our consultations and took the time to answer any questions I had. The day of surgery was also very smooth. His staff / team were also 10/10 and did everything to make me feel comfortable. Dr Patel changed my life and my nose is absolutely perfect. It's not obvious where people look at me and know something's been done, it's so natural and suits my face perfectly. So so pleased and 100% recommend Dr Patel.
Michael J. WandtkeMichael J. Wandtke
10:30 25 Feb 23
Actually, I don't write comments. In this case I want to make an exception because I hope to help other people with it. I'm from Germany and I've been researching for over 2 years, also in the US, to find a surgeon to have my nose operated on. I had a lot of respect for the surgery because a nose can change the face completely, for better or for worse. My wish was to remove a hump on my nose and to have the tip of my nose, which I found very large and unflattering, shaped into a more aesthetic shape. Dr. Patel gave me a perfect nose without changing my type. My whole face now looks very harmonious. The result is better than I ever expected. I am 110 percent satisfied. However, Dr Patel is not only a first-class surgeon with great aesthetic sensitivity, but also a empathic and very likeable person. I can absolutely recommend him!
Jay RanaJay Rana
13:20 13 Feb 23
After longing to have my nose done for what feels like forever I sought out Mr Patel after A LOT of research. I am more than pleased with my results, the care and aftercare. This procedure hasn't altered my features too much which was what I wanted but the effect this has had on my own self esteem is immeasurable.I would recommend Mr Patel and his team to anyone seeking to have an ENT procedure. He truly has kept to his word, a small procedure with a natural looking nose and that is what I got.JR
A B RajputA B Rajput
09:59 30 Jan 23
8 weeks post operatively after a rhinoplasty to correct damage from multiple impacts to the nose from martial arts leaving my nose crooked with a significant hump. Aestheticly results are incredible. My nose fits my face/ethnicity and looks natural which was very important for me when deciding on surgeons. In fact, some people I had seen after a while did not notice despite a significant change!At 8 weeks I am still waiting to see improvement in the functional results in regards to breathing through the nose as my right side had been an issue prior to the surgery.Would highly recommend Mr Patel for a natural result, he has a great manner and takes time to answer questions.
C DhC Dh
11:22 15 Nov 22
Fantastic experience with Mr Kalpesh S Patel! A warm and caring experience from start to end, I felt confident going into surgery and excited for the result. I was not disappointed with my nose now the best feature on my face! Most importantly my breathing is 100x better than before and so is my confidence. Healing was so easy (due to the skill of Mr K S Patel!) and I am ever so grateful.Thank you again!
Michelle RossMichelle Ross
22:22 02 Nov 22
There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Mr Kalpesh Patel for his expertise, professionalism, talent, understanding, wonderful bedside manner…..the list goes on. I trusted him implicitly with my septorhinoplasty -needed after a car accident that left me with a visibly fractured nose and deviated septum. From our first meeting I knew he was the man for the job, and I wasn’t wrong! Nearly 3 months post op I am DELIGHTED with the results - it’s everything and more that we had discussed, and I can never thank him enough!
22:17 14 Sep 22
After suffering from a broken nose with a deviated septum and chronic sinusitis for years- I decided to undergo endoscopic sinus surgery and septorhinoplasty performed by Kalpesh Patel.I looked completely normal as soon as he took off my cast seven days postop which allowed me to get straight back to work which for me is modelling. it’s been 2 months since I had the operation and it has completely changed my life! Not only can I breathe exceedingly well (something I have never experience) I also no longer have a cough which was caused by a post nasal drip from my sinuses. I would highly recommend kalpesh and his expertise to anybody who has suffered trauma to their nose and or has difficulties breathing.