Over half a million people each year are seeking consultations with facial plastic surgeons in order to reshape their nose. Some people are not happy with the way that their nose looks due to aging while others dislike the nose that they were born with. In some cases there may have been an injury that caused a nasal deformity. The nose is the most defining feature that the face has and therefore a slight change to it can improve a person’s appearance.

If you have ever had a curiosity as to how cosmetic nasal surgery is able to improve your looks and your confidence, keep reading.

When there is a good rapport between the patient and the surgeon then the greater the success that the surgery will have. Other factors are trust with your surgeon, having realistic expectations and also the skill and experience of the surgeon play a vital role on the way that the surgery will go. When you do meet for your consultation this is the best time to ask any questions that you may have and above all keep a realistic expectation.

Some important Do’s for surgery

  • Know what to expect during the consultation
  • Know what the surgeon will be doing to your nose
  • Prepare for a short recovery period
  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions
  • Tell your surgeon if you have breathing difficulties or recurring sinus infections

As with everything in life, there are some don’t s as well

  • Forget: not all noses are created equal
  • Expect a perfect nose- there is really no such thing
  • Expect insurance to cover the whole thing

By keeping clear and reasonable expectations with your surgeon as well as how the surgery will go will only aid you. It is important that you ask any and all questions that you have and also choose a surgeon that is skilled to perform corrective procedures as well in the event that you need help beyond the cosmetic.