Patient Journey

Either following a referral from your GP or after deciding you wish to consider a rhinoplasty, you should contact our office to make an appointment to see Mr Patel. Initial consultations take approximately 40 minutes.

  • During the consultation Mr Patel will examine you and take clinical photographs of you. With the use of a morphing software programme Mr Patel can show you likely outcomes of surgery.
  • A medical history will be taken and you will be examined possibly including endoscopy of the inside of the nose using local anaesthetic spray.  This procedure is not painful and helps us to find the underlying causes of difficulties in breathing.

At this stage, an initial surgical plan can be discussed.  You will then be advised to make a further appointment about a week later. This is a great opportunity of discussing your particular preferences and desires in detail, and a chance for Mr Patel to show you what he thinks can be achieved.  Discussions will also take place about the risks of surgery.

It is ideal when the patient brings a relative or close friend as advice given during the consultation can easily be forgotten.  Questions on any aspects of the proposed surgery are encouraged and answered in full.

The patient is then advised to consider the proposed surgery and indeed seek further opinions, if required.

If the patient wishes to proceed with surgery, contact by email or phone is made with Mr Patel’s office to discuss possible dates and the location of the operation. If the procedure is to be covered by medical insurance (Mr Patel is registered with all UK medical insurance companies), procedure codes will be given and the patient is advised to obtain authorisation for the operation and post-op consultations/procedures. A full quotation can be supplied on request. Please note that any shortfall of payment due to failure to pay by the insurance company will require the patient to settle all outstanding fees.

If there is a long delay between the last consultation and the surgical procedure (greater than three months), a preoperative consultation is advised so that any last minute questions can be answered and the nature of the procedure can be re-discussed.

On the day of surgery, please bring all admission documents, any imaging studies such as a CT or MRI scans and all current medications. Although most operations are done as day cases, some patients need to stay overnight, so bring an appropriate amount of clothing.

  • You will arrive at the hospital around 0700 (times may vary) and the operation will usually be done the same morning.
  • The nursing staff will admit you to the ward and go through some administrative and nursing procedures.
  • Mr Patel and his anaesthetist will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the operation time and go through the procedure, ask you to sign consent forms.
  • On average, the actual surgery takes 2 – 3 hours
  • After the operation, you will be taken to the Recovery Suite. Once you are fully alert, you will then return to the Ward.
  • You will be reviewed postoperatively and arrangements for departure from the hospital will be discussed. You will stay for a minimum of six hours to ensure full recovery from the anaesthesia has occurred.
  • All postoperative medications such as painkillers, antibiotics and antibiotic ointment will be given to you on departure.

There will be a variable amount of bleeding and nasal discharge after the surgery. A nasal dressing can be applied to the base of the nose for the first 48 hours

You will have a cast over the nose and possibly biodegradable nasal packs inside your nose. This could result in a degree of nasal blockage. Some of the packing material may come out over the next few days, which is normal.

You are advised to keep the nasal cast dry when bathing. Arrangements will be made for your review appointment about a week after the operation.

  • Bruising increases over one to two days after surgery but normally reduces significantly by Day 7.
  • You may develop a sore throat after surgery.  This is due to mild ulceration resulting from the anaesthetic process.
  • Take painkillers regularly for the first two to three days and then take painkiller medication as required.
  • Be liberal with the use of antibiotic ointment intranasally.
  • Take painkillers before the outpatient visit in order to minimise discomfort when removing the cast and sutures.
  • Please keep all post-operative consultations to ensure that healing has taken place to minimise the chances of complications.

Patient Feedback

  • I cannot thank you enough. My confidence has soared and I’ve had so many compliments about my new look. It’s amazing.

    M L
  • My new nose has boosted my confidence level. I chose Mr Patel as I felt that he understood exactly what I wanted from the surgery, and more importantly as I had issues internally with my nose. The surgery went very well and I am extremely pleased with the results.

    H J
  • I would highly recommend Mr Patel He is a fantastic surgeon who levels your expectations and does everything in his power to ensure your operation is successful. He has a formidable reputation and cares about his patients. Since the surgery, my breathing is back to where it was when I was a child. My old nasal voice has now disappeared. Aesthetically my nose is a thousandfold better.

    A T
  • It's looks so natural that people don't even notice that I had an operation. Mr Patel was exactly the specialist I was looking for. On my first consultation, he examined me thoroughly, Mr Patel took his time to explain in detail what the problems were and what options I had, always considering the healthiest outcome. I had my operation and I have already noticed the difference in breathing, which gets better every day. I'm also very happy with my new nose.

    J H
  • After an unsatisfactory result from the first operation at another surgeon when I decided to seek a consultation with Mr Patel. His approaches including confident advice, which is backed by his knowledge and experiences, and detailed explanations about the procedures he was going to go through with the images of CT scan in front of me made me feel convinced of his method during the entire process. The outcome of the surgery was indeed a very satisfactory one.

    P S
  • I was happy with the first consultation as I felt I was in safe hands and as the Doctor explained exactly what was going to be done to me I felt I was making an educated decision. Despite the busy schedule Mr Patel was able to schedule the surgery one month later. The Surgery lasted 3 hours, already that evening I was sent home.

    A N
  • No problems breathing and I am very pleased with the result I was referred to Mr Patel through Bupa and could not have been happier with the experience. The consultations were very friendly and open and I was referred for surgery very quickly. The surgery was explained to me at length and I felt very confident with the process. Afterwards I received a detailed explanation of how it had gone, I recovered very quickly and the aftercare was very thorough. I have already recommended Mr Patel to my friends.

    A R
  • I have suffered from a deviated septum almost all my life. I have always suffered from trouble breathing through my nose, no sense of smell and snoring during sleep so I decided to seek medical advice and was referred to DR PATEL who comes highly recommended. The operation was a great success no bruising around my eyes I was in no pain or discomfort after the surgery. My aftercare has been excellent. I BREATH NORMALLY NOW. I am very pleased with the outcome. I would sincerely recommend Mr Patel.

    K A
  • I would sincerely recommend Mr Patel I consulted Mr Kalpesh Patel. From my first visit, Mr Patel answered all of my questions very clearly and I felt reassured that I was in “safe hands”. He understood my wishes and I felt confident in his abilities. On the day of the operation (a septorhinoplasty), I was impressed by the thoroughness of the procedures and the explanations that were given to me by both Mr Patel and the anaesthetist.

    H S
  • I choose Mr Patel because of his reputation (he was featured in best ENT article in Tatler magazine) and upon meeting his I trusted him, he put me at ease. The surgical experience was very comfortable and went well. I was back at work a week Monday after the operation. My nose is now perfect, back to the way it was before my traffic accident. Mr Patel really understood the situation and how to carefully return my nose to what it was before. The result was excellent, I couldn't be happier.

    C I