Everyone has an opinion on the topic of nose jobs. At the end of the day it is really the woman’s or man’s as to whether or not they want one. However, there are some important considerations if you are thinking about rhinoplasty.

The Happenings
When rhinoplasty is performed it involves making modifications to both the upper part and the lower part of the nose in the bones and cartilage. This is done for aesthetic reasons such as a narrower nose, a bridge that is higher, a tip of the nose that is more refined, getting rid of bumps or any other reasons a patient may desire.

Surgeons do one of two incisions when performing a nose job. One is done through the nose and the other is done from outside the nose. How the restructuring of nose is done is dependent upon the new nose that is wanted. If the procedure is done from inside a scar will not be noticeable and if the surgeon is skilled enough neither will the procedure done from the outside of the nose.

The doctor providing the rhinoplasty is able to take some tissue from behind the ear where it is not noticeably missed in order to aid in augmenting the nose. However, some doctors prefer to use implants that are approved by the FDA to avoid this grafted tissue to be absorbed back into the face. Sometimes if a larger piece is needed they prefer to remove it instead from the rib or elsewhere. This is more controversial due to making incisions near the vital organs.

Physical and Mental Age
A patients age both physically and mentally is also taken into consideration because the face has to first reach its skeletal maturity before it can have surgery performed. For girls, they will have matured enough at the age of 14 or 15 where boys have a slower facial growth so 15 is the age minimum for boys.

Make sure it is being done for the right reasons.
It is understandable that some may want a nose job to give them a boost of confidence. However, a person who suffers from body dysmorphia which is a mental illness that causes people to obsess over their appearance it is not the best idea. If a doctor notices a patient is suffering from boy dysmorphic disorder, then they will not perform surgery on that patient.

It is important before you start meeting with a surgeon that you have an idea of the nose you want. Be sure to find several noses that are suitable to your face and take them with you to the consultation. The doctor will be able to let you know whether or not it will work for you personally.

Finding the right doctor
You will need to make sure the doctor is “board certified’’ and also is specialized in “facial plastic surgery”. They need to be a rhinoplasty specialist. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable with the doctor to avoid any extra stress before having your procedure performed.

Once you have the surgery performed it is important to note that your nose won’t be perfect and that there will be some swelling and bruising at first but do not let that discourage you if this is something that you really want to do.