Many times after a patient receives a rhinoplasty, one of the first questions that they have for their doctor is when they can safely get a facial. To better understand why they ask this question, first it is important to know what a facial is.

Facials provide one of the best ways for taking care of the skin. This is especially true when one is completed by an individual who has trained as an esthetician. Not only does a facial clean the skin, but it also exfoliates and provides nourishment to the skin. In return it leave a clear and hydrated complexion that aids in giving a youthful glow. Typically a consultation is done before a facial. The methods used in a facial are: cleaning, skin analysis, steam, exfoliation, extraction of blackheads and other blockages, facial mask and then the final use of a toner, serum or moisturizer. Those providing the facial will also give tips and advice on skin care once at home.

After an individual has had rhinoplasty completed, their nose understandably will be very tender and it is best not to do press down hard or repeatedly on the nose. Other areas on the face can also be very delicate depending upon the area of the nose the rhinoplasty was completed.

In some cases a patient may notice that they have some clogged and dry skin after their procedure and due to this they may want to have facial done because it can take several weeks for their skin to go back to its previous state.

It is recommended by doctors that a patient wait at least 3 to 4 weeks after their surgery to have a facial completed. Many people that have had a rhinoplasty completed will notice that they have some blackheads as a result of wearing the dressings, normally worn for a week after surgery, that clog nasal pores. If after the 3 to 4 weeks the nose still feels tender, then it is best to wait another two weeks before having a facial in order to avoid damaging the nose.