In the past few years the number of people that have been traveling abroad for cosmetic procedures has increased. While cost is a factor, it is not the only reason. In fact, for some it is a matter of availability as certain procedures are not an option in the country they live, forcing them to travel elsewhere.

With that in mind, in 2015 experts have noticed that the following cosmetic surgeries- separate from traditional cosmetic surgeries- are trending in both males and females.

Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Jaw Surgery – this type of surgery is done to alter the jaw shape which in turn gives the patient the face shape they want. They can then have either a heart shaped face or a V shaped face after the surgery.

Aegyo Sal – the name for this surgery translates to ‘eye smile’. It focuses on accentuating fat deposits found around the eyes. Commercial fillers, fat grafts and even plastic surgery is done to give a person’s eyes a younger look.

Forehead Augmentation – The aim of this surgery is to give a person’s forehead more shape if they have a flat or uneven forehead. Silicone implants or fat grafts are used in this procedure.

Zygoma Reduction Surgery – This surgery is done in order to take away fat deposits around the cheekbones to give a person a V shaped face. It also gives the patient a slimmer face with a lower and middle region instead of them having an oval face shape.

Round Head Surgery – In this surgery doctors place bone cement on the patients’ skill which gives them a rounder head.

Most people are unaware of these surgeries as many are removed from the typical and most popular cosmetic surgeries- such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and facelifts- performed in Britain. Those surgeries are still popular, yes, but this list shows just how vast and varied procedures can be.

Broadly speaking, the most popular type of cosmetic surgery that women have elected to have are rhinoplasty, breast augmentations and liposuction.

Over the past several years there has been an increase in the popularity for cosmetic procedures and many procedures done in the past are starting to make a reappearance and offer those interested an enhancement in their bodily features making them a sought after trend.

Cosmetic surgery can enhance your help and happiness, but it is also important to consult with an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon to ensure that your surgery is a success in the short and long term.