If you think you might be ready to talk to a surgeon about undergoing a rhinoplasty, there are several things you should be aware of as you begin this process.

First of all, look into the experience of your surgeon. Where did he go to medical school? How long has he been practicing? How many rhinoplasties has he done? Does he have before-and-after pictures he can show you of successful procedures?

Second, listen to your gut during your interaction with your surgeon. Do you feel welcomed and listened to, or does she seem cold and impersonal? Is she asking you questions about what your expectations are?

Third, discuss your expectations. Rhinoplasty can do many things, but it is not magic. Talk to your surgeon about if you expectations are realistic or not.

Fourth, make sure you understand how the whole procedure will go from start to finish. Your surgeon should be able to give you a timeline of the entire procedure, from what to do to get ready for surgery, to how long the procedure will take, to how many weeks of recovery you can expect.

Don’t settle for just anyone to do your rhinoplasty. Go with someone with experience whom you trust.