Rhinoplasty is a positive, life changing experience. It can help your sleep quality, self confidence, and overall outlook on life.

With so many benefits, nose surgery is on the rise in London and across the UK.

As people learn about the procedure and discuss it more frequently, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. Here are a few common myths about rhinoplasty

Myth: Plastic Surgery is Only for Women.

Fact: Plastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty is for Everyone.
Everyone wants to look good and feel good- and that extends to men and women alike. In fact, there has been a significant increase in the amount of men opting for cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. While plastic surgery creates physical, outward changes to our appearance, it reflects our inner beauty as well and can change our outlook on life. It’s inclusive, not exclusive.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is Only Cosmetic.

Fact: Rhinoplasty is Performed for Medical and Cosmetic Reasons.
It’s true that some people get a nose job for cosmetic reasons, it is also true that many people seek out rhinoplasty to treat medical conditions like a deviated septum, damage due to trauma, sleep apnea, and more. It is important to remember that although plastic surgery creates physical, outward changes to our appearance, it reflects our inner beauty as well helping to increase our self-esteem in ways far beyond the surface.

Myth: Any Plastic Surgeon Can Perform A Rhinoplasty.

Fact: A Rhinoplasty Specialist is the Best Choice for Nose Surgery.
Specialists serve a purpose. Those surgeons with experience and expertise in nose surgery can offer the best services, consultations, and solutions to get the job done right the first time. Rhinoplasty is an operation with ramifications to your appearance as well as to your health. The less experienced, the more chance for error. This means a rhinoplasty specialist is best.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is One-Size Fits All.

Fact: Rhinoplasty is About Finding Your Perfect Fit.
When it comes to noses, there is no one-size fits all rule. What looks great on someone, may not be proportionate on another. Rhinoplasty is about finding your perfect fit and an experienced professional trained in nose surgery will provide options most compatible with your unique face and bone structure. Whether it’s ethnic rhinoplasty, a broken nose, or a bulbous tip, London rhinoplasty can help.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is Not Covered by Insurance.

Fact: Some Rhinoplasty Surgeries May be Covered by Insurance.
Whether or not your insurance will cover the procedure depends on the nature of your policy and the reason you are seeking nose surgery. While many policies do have exclusions for pre-existing conditions, there are no absolutes. If and how much an insurance policy will pay varies. Insurance should never be a barrier to nose surgery. Our London rhinoplasty clinic will help you review your policy and your options.

People seek rhinoplasty for a variety of different reasons. Dr. Kalpesh Patel is a trained surgeon that specialises in rhinoplasty. If you are thinking about nose surgery, schedule a rhinoplasty consultation today!