During 2015 there were 51,140 cosmetic procedures performed in the UK and this number is up from 13% the year before. From that number, 4,164 were done on men and that is twice the number from a decade ago.

This growth represents that people are more ready than ever to go under the knife in order to look years younger. There is a lot of pressure that both men and women have pressure to look younger and both the media and movie industry have influence on how we perceive ourselves when we look in the mirror. The pressure is on to have smoother foreheads, have thicker lips or pumped up pecs. The techniques and tools used grow with the trends and are based off of current technology.

For centuries people have looked for ways that they can improve their looks and this takes place in other cultures as well. People choose to have things like skull reshaping, hairlines that are higher and their skin whitened with lead along with fat either taken out or added in and some of these things were not even “hot” in the last ten years.

That being said, here are 5 things that many men request when choosing to have cosmetic surgery performed:

The men would prefer that the treatment requested is quick and that they are also able to recovery from it quickly.

Good Looking Body
Women seem to tend to want work done more on their face while men are more concerned with their bodies. They typically request more to have fat reduction or body contouring. They tend to lean more towards liposuction, male breast reduction and body lifts.

Natural Looking
Men want the treatment to look natural so that others are not able to tell that they have chosen to have cosmetic surgery done. This is true for both non-surgical and surgical procedures.

No Pain
Women tend to withstand the pain from cosmetic surgery better than their male counterparts. Because men are not used to “beauty is pain” and as a result have a lower pain tolerance. They want to look better but they don’t want it to hurt.

To Look Young and Have More Hair
Men have mostly requested to have non-surgical facelifts, skin treatments and also hair replacement procedures.