The mouth, eyes and nose are the main facial points that we have and are a part of our identity. The nose sticks out from the face and sometimes ethnicity can be determined based of the size and shape of the nose. Below are seven cool facts about your nose.

This is the main way that we breathe
When it comes to regular breathing, the nose is the primary pathway. Even when you’re breathing through your mouth while exercising, the nose still has air passing through it. Even though the mouth is a bigger tube for breathing, people tend to feel very uncomfortable when their nose is plugged up or they have nasal congestion.

Being able to breathe through the nose is extremely important for newborn babies as they have to breathe through their nose at all times. This is related to the way their nose allows for them to suckle and still breathe at the same time and not choke. Being able to do this won’t work for older children and adults who have to stop breathing so that they can swallow.

When the nose closes up a person’s lungs close and when their nose is open so are the lungs. This can be very important when there is a problem with breathing. Some athletes choose to use nasal strips so that they can open their noses for exercising.

It is a humidifier for the air we breathe
Our lungs and throat don’t tolerate dry air very well so the nose has to process this air in order to prepare it. When the air passes through the nose it is both moisturized and humidified. Turbinates make this possible. When you experience a dry throat from mouth breathing this s the reason why. The nose isn’t able to humidify the air.

It cleans the air we breathe
Oxygen, nitrogen, dust, pollution, allergens, smoke, bacteria, viruses, small bugs and many other things are all in the air we breathe and as a result the nose cleans these things out. Calia, which are small hair-like appendages trap these things which then sit in mucous until it is pushed into the throat and swallowed because the stomach is better equipped to handle it.

It regulates the air temperature you breathe
The lungs and throat do not tolerate air that is too hot or too cold, therefore making it the job of the nose to warm cooler air and cool warmer air. Warming cool air takes place more often as the majority of people spend their time in an environment that is below body temperature. This is why when you breathe out into colder air you can see your noses moisture.

It protects you
The nose is equipped with nerve cells that are able to detect odors. This is for safety reasons and as a result we are able to detect smoke, food that has spoiled and some toxic gases. Those who have lost their sense of smell will need to have detectors in their home for these gases and also have to watch what they eat.

It shapes the sound of your voice
The way that people sound is related partially to the structures of the throat and the nose. Your sinuses are related to this and that is why when you have allergies, a cold or sinus problems, and your voice will sound different.

It will help you find a mate
The olfactory system has a role in the perception of sex. Like the smell of a person’s shampoo, soap or cologne may cause there to be a sexual arousal. It has also been debated that it can detect pheromones which are tied into sexuality and stimulation for both humans and animals.