For many people throughout the world, plastic surgery is a procedure they would very much like to undergo but for one of many reasons, they are unable to. An increasing number of teenagers who are not able to get plastic surgery—whether because of the cost or disapproving parents or not being old enough—are turning to devices that claim to have the same effects as plastic surgery but in reality, DIY plastic surgery devices can do serious damage.

According to an article about the popularity of such devices in Korea, “there are many devices on the market that mimic the effects of cosmetic surgery and they are particularly popular with teenagers. They include tape or glasses for creating double-eyelids, small clamps for raising the tip of the nose, a device to create voluminous lips and rollers and bands for shaping the face.” Most of these products are manufactured by companies looking for quick profit and are not inspected for safety.

In one example, a 17-year-old Korean girl’s parents refused to buy her a nose job. Instead, she looked online and bought a small plastic device shaped like a “C” that is meant to be inserted in a nostril to push up the tip of the nose. Within a week, the girl had to stop using it. The device severely tore up her inner nose and caused it to bleed, as well as being too painful to even touch.

Any device or procedure that advertises itself as “quick fix” is going to most likely end up being more trouble than it is worth. If you are interested in plastic surgery, contact your surgeon today and find out what can be done to get you the results you desire.