Q: How can I choose a qualified Surgeon to perform my rhinoplasty?

A: When choosing a Surgeon, be sure to look at the surgeons’ credentials. All Surgeons should be Fellows of one of the #RoyalCollegeOfSurgeons in the United Kingdom. Rhinoplasty is regarded as one of the most complex facial operations and so the Surgeon should have a particular expertise and training in the field of #Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty should be the Surgeon’s main area of surgical practice.

Ideally the Surgeon has or has held a Consultant post in the #NHS as the training, and accreditation process required to obtain an NHS Consultant post is one of the most rigorous in the world. Once you are satisfied with a surgeon’s credentials, schedule a consultation where you can meet with the surgeon of your choice to discuss your #RhinoplastyProcedure. Be sure to ask any questions you may have concerning the actual surgery, the recovery, the expected outcome, as well as your surgeon’s experience and his or her hospital affiliations. Most surgeons will share before and after photographs of previous patients. Make sure you bring a written list of your questions to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.