Wondering what you can and can’t do after surgery is understandable, and nose surgery is no different. After the initial recovery stage, many are ready to get back to life as usual and resume a certain degree of normalcy. Most activities of daily life will resume after rhinoplasty without issue, but what about exercise and contact sport?

General Exercise
Generally speaking, you should avoid engaging in strenuous activities should be avoided for 4-5 weeks after rhinoplasty. After that period, you should proceed with caution when thinking about exercise and talk to your doctor before you ease into it. Exercise increases blood flow, which in turn can increase swelling, and after surgery you want to decrease swelling, making exercise tricky. Some light exercise is typically okay, as long as your recovery is progressing, but moderate to heavy exercise should be avoided beyond your 4-5 week recovery window.

Contact Sport
It should go without saying that you should avoid contact sport following rhinoplasty. While sports like boxing are an obvious no-no, most all sport increase the risk of injury and should be avoided for up to 6 weeks (at least) after surgery. After that period, some choose to avoid sport completely. Boxing and other contact sport that all that guarantee a subsequent nose injury that could interfere and prove counterproductive to your recovery.

In the end, it’s best to discuss your concerns and goals with your doctor. At London Rhinoplasty, we listen to you and welcome any and all your questions- whether it be your first consultation or beyond.