Along with the eyes and mouth, the nose is one of the facial points for our appearance and can also be a part of our identity. But did you know there is more to your nose than meets the eye?

When it comes to breathing your nose is the main path. Even when you are exercising and have your mouth open to take in more air, you still have air that is coming in through your nose.

If someone has a congested nose of if the nose is plugged, they are more uncomfortable. Here are 6 nose facts that may surprise you.

1. Your nose acts like a humidifier for the air you are breathing in. This means that your nose is processing the air you are breathing in, in order to prepare it for your lungs and throat. The lungs and throat are unable to tolerate dry air so the nose moisturizes it.

2. The nose also cleans the air you’re breathing in. We also breathe in allergens, dust, pollution and bacteria among many other things. The nose is responsible for cleaning these things out through the use of cilia which are made up of small hair-like appendages that trap these bad things. They are then moved into the mucous that makes its way to the stomach. The stomach is better equipped to handle these bad things than our lungs are.

3. The nose also acts like a temperature regulator for the air we are breathing in. The lungs don’t like air that is too cold or too hot so the nose makes the air more like our body temperature in order for the lungs to be able to tolerate it.

4. Smell is not only for pleasure, think the smell of a fresh baked pie, but it also helps us to know when there is danger from things that are toxic or things like smoke. The nose actually helps to protect us by sniffing these dangers out.

5. When it comes to the sound of your voice, the nose plays a part in this due to the structures that are found in the nose and throat.

6. Lastly, your nose is the one to sniff out a potential mate based off of pheromones which are hormones in animals that have to do with reproduction.

If you are concerned about your nose health, consult a doctor. After all, the nose is important for so many things so treat your nose well!