While there are no absolutes, most people seeking rhinoplasty want the results to look as natural as possible. Obviously, changes will be made to the existing nose, but all nose jobs are not created equally. So what goes into getting the desired results?

Let’s review.

The Right Nose
Think about all the noses you like. Now, think about the people and faces those noses exist on. Imagine taking Angelina Jolie’s nose and putting it on Reese Witherspoon. Switch up the faces. You’ll find that some work fine on other faces and others do not. The reason is simple—we all have different faces and face structures. The perfect nose for your face and structure is not a one-size-fits all and may be awkward or not work at all.

The Right Surgeon
An experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon understands that the right nose for you is different from the right nose for someone else. Consider the doctor and his or her portfolio. The best way to know whether or not they understand the intricacies and uniqueness of each patient is most obvious in their results. Look for someone who specialises in rhinoplasty as they are more likely to know the ins and outs so that your expectations and reality focus on your best nose.

The Right Consultation
Consultations are a great way to find the right surgeon. Be prepared. Ask questions. Research the doctor. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable expressing your concerns. After all, this is your nose. It’s your body. Bedside manner and comfort is important in making sure you get the results you want.