You may be understandably nervous before a nose surgery consultation, but the trick is to prepare some days in advance. This includes writing down questions for the doctor when you think of them in the days before the consult. The doctor should be willing and able to answer your questions, and you should answer their questions to the best of your ability. You should also know what you want from the nose surgery, both aesthetically and functionally. A surprising number of patients find that nose surgery not only improves their appearance but helps them to breathe better!

Other things the doctor will do and need to know during the consultation are:

• The doctor will assess your overall health. They’ll ask if you have a medical condition or allergies and whether you’ve had previous surgeries, especially on your nose.
• The doctor needs to know if you’re taking medications, vitamins or herbal supplements. They’ll also need to know your level of alcohol consumption, whether you smoke or whether you take street drugs. It’s important for the doctor to know this for it can affect the outcome of the surgery.

If the doctor determines that you’re a good candidate for nose surgery, they’ll:

• Measure your face.
• Take photos.
• Discuss the types of surgery available to you.
• Discuss the surgery itself, the outcomes, risks and complications.

Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor questions. Among them should be:

• Is the doctor board certified? A good doctor does not have to be board certified, but certification means that they’ve passed an exam in their field.
• How long has the doctor been practicing plastic surgery in general and nose surgery in particular.
• Does the doctor have hospital admitting privileges to perform the surgery? You should get a list of the hospitals from the doctor.
• If the surgery is to be done in the doctor’s office or facility is the facility accredited by a state or national accrediting agency?
• What do you have to do before and after the surgery?
• What will you look like after the surgery, and how long will it take for you to see results?
• What do you do if you do not like the results of the surgery?
• How does the facility handle complications?
• Ask to see before and after photos of patients who worked with the doctor.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before your nose surgery consultation, wear some casual business clothes, and go into the doctor’s office with confidence.

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