Rhinoplasty should never be considered lightly. Often clients will ask for a nose shape like a nose on some celebrity. To make such a request is a mistake. Clients must realize that each person is different. People are of different heights, have different coloring, different contours, and aspects to their faces. Rhinoplasty should only be considered to remove a defect or to enhance symmetry while considering the full face and the whole body.

Facial Symmetry

No matter how much fashion changes, a nose shape which adds beauty to the face will always be appropriate. No matter the times, people always equate beauty with symmetry. The nose is the most prominent point on people’s faces. A nose that augments the symmetry of a face does not draw attention. However, a nose that conflicts with the symmetrical beauty inherent in all people becomes a focal point. When considering rhinoplasty, it is the dimensions of the face that should be considered first. If a nose is physically damaged, or if a nose is asymmetrical to the rest of the face, then the client has reason to be concerned. In such cases, rhinoplasty is the answer to a life of self-consciousness.

Body Symmetry

Considering symmetry of the face first on the list of client concerns makes sense. Other body attributes also come into play. Height can be an issue. A lady that is short in stature may add to her beauty by requesting a small upturn to her nose. People with which she is talking look down at her face and the nose adds to her beauty. On the other hand, a tall lady with an upturned nose to which others must look up may find an upturned nose unattractive. For men, the issue of height is even more important. While a large bulbous nose looks good on tall men like John Wayne or James Arness, the same nose will look incongruent on a short and slender man.

Modern Technology

The rhinoplasty industry has moved into the computer age. Computer simulations that morph the present nose into the future nose are reasonably accurate. With these programs, the client can view the effect of changing the nose shape through adjusting the tip, or the bridge, or through the removal of a bump.

Physician Selection

The most important consideration for any client is to ask for before and after pictures of former clients of any rhinoplasty physician. Rhinoplasty is a specialty and an art. Before and after pictures demonstrate the ability of the physician. Only by looking through hundreds of such displays will a client come to appreciate the artistic eye of the physician. If you are considering rhinoplasty for the correction of a defect or for added beauty, call us today.