Much has been written about female beauty ideals. That doesn’t mean that men aren’t under scrutiny as well. Most men considering rhinoplasty want to retain a masculine nose while fixing any perceived flaws. Here’s a quick guide to what constitutes the ideal male nose.
Traits of the Male Nose

While the preferred female nose is often small and delicate with a slight slope, male noses should be well defined and strong. Instead of having a slope, they should be straight. Some men even prefer a slight hump, as this imbues the nose with a masculine appeal.

As with all beauty standards, the ideal male nose goes through phases. At the moment, most men seeking rhinoplasty want noses with a bit of character. Noses shouldn’t be too large or too thin, and they should give off the impression of strength. Mild imperfections are better than excessive delicacy, and some men prefer quirky noses. Most importantly, male noses should convey a sense of strength and self-confidence.

A Personalized Procedure
Rhinoplasty is an art. An experienced plastic surgeon provides male patients with customized results. At the initial consultation, patients discuss their goals with their plastic surgeon. Some men might want to correct a flaw, like a wide tip or a nasal hump. Others may want to improve overall facial harmony. Surgeons listen to these aesthetic goals and create a realistic surgical plan that enhances the patient’s features.

Rhinoplasty Techniques
There are certain surgical techniques that are common to male rhinoplasty procedures. For men who want to add symmetry to a crooked nose, a controlled break, or osteotomy, may be necessary. To enhance a tip that lacks definition, a surgeon might use a cartilage graft. If there is a large hump on the nose, the surgeon may need to shave it down. These techniques help surgeons achieve the strong, masculine noses so popular today.

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