While women are more likely to choose plastic surgery than men, the numbers of men electing to have cosmetic surgery are on the rise. This is true not only in the United Kingdom, but across the western world.

The overall reason for surgery is the same—for some, it’s to repair damage due to trauma. For others, it’s to correct medical problems. And, for some, it’s a personal choice to change. What each have in common is the overall desire to look and feel better—inside and out.

So what is the difference between men and women?

According to data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons men and women differ in choice of surgery. For men, it’s eyelids and nose surgery. For women, it’s eyelids and breast augmentation. Even so, almost 3000 women and 700 men have rhinoplasty in the UK.

When it comes to rhinoplasty in particular, the overwhelming popularity stems from its health and wellness benefits, in addition to its cosmetic benefits. But just as preference is different between men and women, so are the unique considerations as rhinoplasty should always compliment the face—whatever the basis for surgery.

Rhinoplasty in Men
For the most part, facial features are much different in men and women. Men typically have a square face and/or a jawline that is well defined. Noses on men are also more prominent when compared to women’s noses. With these factors in mind, a rhinoplasty surgeon will have to work to keep the integrity of the nose and maintain its masculine features.

Rhinoplasty in Women
When it comes to rhinoplasty, most women desire a smaller, less commanding nose than men. Width is important, but instead of wider, women generally prefer small, button noses that are more complimentary to their more feminine facial features.

The Right Nose
Whatever the desired outcome, preserving or creating a masculine or feminine features requires specific attention to detail to the following:

  • Nose Width
  • Nose Tip
  • Face Shape
  • Face Structure (nose in relation to mouth, eyes, cheeks, etc.)

Mr. Kalpesh Patel, an experienced rhinoplasty specialist, understands that there is no one size fits all when it comes to noses. Every nose and face is as unique as you are.

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