There is a difference between the two. One of the most common plastic surgery’s that people choose to have is rhinoplasty (nose job). This surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. Insurance will only cover rhinoplasty if it is either medically needed or for reconstructive reasons.

When rhinoplasty is performed the surgeon will lift the skin away from the cartilage and then hid it through incisions. Once this happens the surgeon is then able to sculpt the cartilage and hid bumps in order to straighten the patient’s nose. Then the skin is draped over the new shape of the nose and the incisions are closed.

A surgeon that is well-versed in rhinoplasty will use different techniques for male and female patients and will also have different techniques for those with different ethnic backgrounds. After the surgery is completed, the patient will need to wear a splint for six days. There will be puffiness and some pain that is minimal. After a week, a patient is able to resume going to work. Sinus surgery differs in that there are various aspects that are dependent on the need of the patient.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
This surgery is minimally invasive. The purpose of this surgery is to remove any sinus blockages that a patient suffers from that is either recurring or non-responsive sinus infections.

This procedure is performed in order to repair a septum that is deviated. The septum, in case you didn’t know, is the part of the nose between the nostrils. The septum is responsible supporting the nose, help regulate airflow, and support nasal mucous membranes.

If the septum becomes deviated, then it can cause breathing problems and this occurs when the septum shifts from the midline. It can also cause there to be problems with sinus drainage and can cause a person to suffer from repeated sinus infections. Patients choose to have this surgery if they also suffer from nosebleeds and polyps.

This surgery removes the polyps that are found in the nose. If left in place, polyps can cause swelling and leave the sinus’ open which can cause chronic nasal and sinus inflammation. Breathing difficulty and chronic sinus infections can also occur.

Functional Rhinoplasty
This is completed when a surgeon recommends a patient have a rhinoplasty and sinus surgery to improve their health. It can help improve the shape of the nose and help patients to be able to breathe better. It can also repair any birth defects and damage that was a result from injury as well as narrowing nasal valves.