If a you or someone you know suffers from skin cancer on their nose, this cancer will typically need to be removed by a dermatologist. To achieve the best cosmetic results, however, it is best if the dermatologist works with a plastic surgeon.

A MOHS excision is performed by a dermatologist in to remove the skin cancer. The procedure has been developed so that as much normal tissue as possible is preserved and surgical borders are also mapped using a microscope.

A dermatologist and plastic surgeon should work together prior to the surgery so that the patient can have the reconstruction surgery performed after their MOHS excision. This will also allow for the surgeon to determine the best way to perform the desired reconstruction. In some cases, another procedure may need to be performed a year later via either a cosmetic rhinoplasty or a laser treatment.

Some examples of what may be performed include using local flap tissue from surrounding skin on the face, a skin graft constructed from skin and cartilage or a forehead flap. The forehead flap is used as a last resort.

If a patient experiences trouble breathing, then reconstructive surgery should be performed sooner rather than later. The reasons are obvious as anything interfering with your ability to breathe is of the most importance.

Reconstruction is a delicate procedure and one that should be entrusted in the right hands- namely a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon with experience in a variety of approaches and that can work with you to listen to your concerns and address your individual and unique needs based on your nose and your experience.