[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1554799342185{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]The body positive movement is about helping people to appreciate what makes them unique and to be accepting of the things they cannot change. Some would say that plastic surgery falls outside of the body positivity movement, as it seeks to cosmetically enhance our bodies. However, there are many ways that rhinoplasty, and “inclusive beauty standards” – a phrase used by the body positive movement – can go hand in hand.

Both Seek To Raise Self-Esteem
Individuals who seek out a rhinoplasty are often doing so because they wish to increase their confidence. It often is more about confidence and self-esteem that will come with an altered nose than anything else. Rhinoplasty then coincides with body positivity by helping clients achieve a better self-esteem and new-found confidence.

The Goal is Not To Be Perfect
While cosmetic surgeons always take into account the goals of their clients, they additionally strive to leave their clients not with perfection, but improvement, whether this is in function or the quest for facial balance. It is unrealistic to think on can become perfect, so the focus is always an improvement.

Experiences are Customized
The body positive movement stresses that the goal is not to all look the same, but to recognize that there is uniqueness in beauty. This is another way in which rhinoplasty, beauty standards, and the body positive movement align, as rhinoplasty helps the client meet their personal goals, instead of pursuing a specific, homogeneous look.

Patient Is the Focus
Although it is often assumed that those who undergo rhinoplasty are seeking the approval of others, most are seeking changes for themselves. Whether it is to free themselves of insecurities or to improve their confidence, those who seek out this procedure for their goals are often happy with their results whether others approve or not.

Achieving Facial Balance
The goal of rhinoplasty is to help an individual achieve facial symmetry, in ways that work with their existing facial features. For those who are ethnic, ethnic rhinoplasty helps clients achieve balance and aesthetic goals without losing cultural identity.

Should you decide that rhinoplasty surgery is what you would like to do, always ensure that you are working with a specialist who is board certified, and has been in business for some years, and ask to see pictures of their work. If possible, talk to others who have worked with the specialist. Whatever you do, make sure that this decision is for you and not for other.

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