With all the technology that millennials now have at their fingertips, it comes as no surprise that so many of them struggle with body image. Modern media and all the advertising that is now prevalent on social media sites, magazines and television has many of them longing for what they are told is the perfect body image.

Psychological tactics are being used as a method for controlling consumers in order to bring what they consider to be their “imperfections” to light. Throughout history the expectations that are placed on women have existed and now they have transformed into pressuring women to look a certain way with their body and the clothes that they choose to wear.

When it comes to finding the perfect product, studies have shown that millennials are choosing to take the opinions that bloggers have in reference to products over what they are shown in television advertisements or in magazines. Many of them also look for a brand to have online content before they decided whether or not they want to buy that particular brand.

In the era of social media, these same millennials also look to engage with these brands and if given the chance to do that, they will more than likely become a loyal customer to that brand. What they look for is a combination of what they consider to be a quality product as well as having a good customer experience with that brand.

They prefer to read blogs that focus on those blogging about the subject and they even discuss rhinoplasty on social media.

Whatever your age or gender, cosmetic surgery- such as rhinoplasty- is an extremely personal decision. This study suggests that although millennials have a reputation as being shallow, that they are actually much more complicated. They offer a new perspective and we have the opportunity to listen and adjust.